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Transformice Mini-Games

Mini-Games are Transformice rooms controlled by Moderators based on a different subject!

Survivor- Try to stay alive throughout the whole round before the shaman kills you!

Ratapult- Make a catapult and shoot anvils at the enemy team!

Tribewar- Fight other tribes in an all tribewar , You can invite other tribe members to help you win!

Fight- Win the shaman battle and save all the mice!

Transform- All maps based on the transform maps!

Elimination- Try not to die and get into the top 3 then top 1 to win!

Racing- Race other players in user-made maps!

Shaman- Get a chance to watch shamans/be a shaman and build through some of the challenging maps to save the mice!

Test- Test your map for others to see! – Currently Down

Baffbot- Get a chance to request/listen to songs and play some of the mini-game maps presented by the bot!

Perm- Get a chance to see some of the Permanent maps of Transformice!

Botmj- Get a chance to build as a mouse and get the cheese back to the hole!

First- Be first and get a chance to be shaman!


These next 2 rooms are rooms non-moderator controlled!

Vanilla- Maps made by the Admins/Creators and Some user-made maps!

Bootcamp- Learn to be one of the bests by completing some of the very challenging maps to bootcamp!


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